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We can offer many genuine spare parts…


Vigo Bangkok can source many genuine spare parts. Please email us with as many details as possible about the spare part that you require.

If possible, you should include the vehicle maker’s genuine spare part number on the Email Also, in addition to completing the email, it would be an advantage if you could send us a photograph of your required part. Go to the Contact page of this website to find our e-mail address to which you can send the photograph.

We will reply to you as quickly as possible.

    Big brake kits  Brake-accessories          Brake-pads    Performance-brake-kits        Brake-rotors
 Catalytic-converters Coil-spring-spacers    Crossover-pipes Performance-exhaust-systems      Diesel-exhaust-     systems


    Dual-exhaust  Engine-management- system      Exhaust- headers     Round-exhaust       Fuel-injectors
     Fuel-pumps          Mufflers         Oval-exhaust       Wheel-spacers   Performance-brake- calipers
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