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We are the largest Thailand Company limited or Export all new and Used cars export around the world. In our main locate base stocks in Bangkok Thailand. We are supplying brand new & Used Hilux & cars for Export mainly to Indo-China Countries, South of China, Asian Countries Europe, Russia and Africa Countries. Our main scopes are covering for Export; Cars Accessories & Spare parts i.e. SUVs 4×4, pickup, van, trucks cars and Cars workshop service. We have wide and fresh stock cars ready for supply range including 4WD vehicles, Pick-ups, Commercial vehicles. Toyota hilux.

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Vigo4U Dubai.com

Showroom live 24/7 via CCTV


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We are (vigo4u co.,ltd) Thailand’s used car export company We are specialized in export of used commercial trucks, pickup Toyota REVO (Toyota hilux),

We are committed to our community and our customers. Ask us, about how we do business your way. You’ll feel our appreciation towards you.

We do not just supply used Hilux for sale but also our service including 100% outgoing inspection of your selected used cars and export car accessories and car parts.

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Must check and Beware of Email Hackers & Fake Vigo Asia Websites. Bank Account name vigo4u.co.ltd when transferring money.